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We are an internationally oriented manufactory for advanced fiber composite materials such as carbon fiber, glass fiber and aramid (kevlar)

We offer unique products, customized parts and various professional repairs and restorations on request.

Do you have any suggestions, wishes or ideas? Contact us, we are pleased to help you.



  • innovative solutions
  • development of complex projects
  • stable lightweight construction
  • single production and small series
  • resistant, resilient and reliable intermediate and end products
  • guarantee of quality and functionality
  • customer loyalty
  • comprehensive portfolio


T6 Solar

Fill up with sun instead of petrol!

Energy around the clock with solar panels on the roof of an electric car. Also…

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CMT Freizeitmesse Stuttgart Carbon Wacker

CMT Leisure Fair Stuttgart – our new products!

From 12.-13.01.2019, the CMT Leisure Fair, which specializes in cycling and hiking trips, takes place…

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Stemme S12 Solar

A new step towards the future!

"Fly with solar energy" - that was the plan. We have implemented this idea on…

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