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CMT Freizeitmesse Stuttgart Carbon Wacker

CMT Leisure Fair Stuttgart – our new products!

From 12.-13.01.2019, the CMT Leisure Fair, which specializes in cycling and hiking trips, takes place in Stuttgart on the Landesmesse area. You can look forward to new projects!

Amongst others we present our new solar powered bicycle trailer as well as our solar powered canoe on our booth.

With our patented bike trailer you no longer need an e-bike!

Our bike trailer is equipped with an electric bike, battery and solar cells, so it supports every bike optimally. In addition, the battery is charged using solar energy. It is suitable for short purchases by bike, as well as long trips in any weather and convinces by its high load capacity, light weight and robust construction.

So also our new “E trimaran”! Perfect for a relaxed ride on calm waters. With little effort in canoeing, it is possible for anyone to move quickly and explore the environment. Even during a paddling break, you can continue to cover good distances with the help of the engine.

Another advantage of our e-trimaran is that it is kippfest and offers a high payload.

The solar panels used are very thin, flexible and can therefore be easily applied to different surfaces. Thanks to the high efficiency of our panels, every vehicle can be driven by hand in the turn of the hand.

On customer request we can implement all ideas. Come along and get an impression of our services yourself.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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