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T6 Solar

Fill up with sun instead of petrol!

Energy around the clock with solar panels on the roof of an electric car. Also perfectly suitable for e.g. To support devices in the camper or to charge the battery of an electric motor!An environmentally conscious source of energy that…

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Stemme S12 Solar

A new step towards the future!

"Fly with solar energy" - that was the plan. We have implemented this idea on the STEMME plane "S12". Upon customer request, we have retrofitted a STEMME plane with solar panels. By gluing the solar panels, the aircraft can stay…

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We are there – AERO Fair 2018!

It's that time again, in April 2018, the world's leading trade fair for general aviation "AERO" will take place at the Friedrichshafen exhibition center. The tension on the exhibition for aircraft enthusiasts is increasing. In addition to numerous companies, model…

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